The Smokehouse

Ribs*Rhythm*Brews…The Smokehouse is a restaurant in Hilton Head, South Carolina. It’s a fun restaurant tucked away on Palmetto Bay Road on the southern end of the island. They smoke all of their own steak, ribs, and wings. Their mustard and BBQ sauces are their own blend. If you can make it there, you need to try their ribs and their wingfest wings!! I can’t stop eating the wings. They are simply amazing! The taste is somewhat of a sweet mustard and a spicy bold bbq sauce. It’s incredible. Then they have these cheese fries that my daughter just loves. The baked potatoes are also quite tasty. Chips-coupon this is a link to free chips and dip at The Smokehouse just in case any of you are in town and would like to try them. Homemade chips and homemade French onion dip is a must have!! It’s delicious and it’s free!!