Next Stop…Virginia!

So we’re off to visit my sister and her husband and their two children in Virginia Beach, VA. We got in late…like 10 pm and their house is all lit up waiting for us! My sis and her husband and their kiddos were waiting to see us. We stayed up for a few more hours and then went to bed to rise early in the morning. When we woke up, my sister had already started cooking us breakfast that consisted of eggs and bacon, my favorite! Then we went out to the beach. This beach was about 20 mins away, Virginia Beach. It was beautiful and warm and sunny. The waves were easily 5 feet if not higher. We jumped the waves and we body surfed. It was so much fun. We searched for shells and made sand castles. It was just simply amazing. We watched sailboats pass by in the water and in the sky there were lots of fighter jets from our local military base in VA flying over head. Did you know they haul this sand in to this beach? That’s what I heard. I guess because of erosion they have to haul it in. I don’t even care its not VA Beach’s sand. Its¬†gorgeous!¬†We went out one night to Froggies to have a couple of drinks. They make a super big cheeseburger there, and I say really big because I couldn’t even finish it. So good though! Another day we went to the bay. This is where my sister, Rita’s kids have the most fun. They had their buckets and made sand castles but also the waves were so much smaller that they could actually play in the small waves and jump around. We stopped here to visit with family and snuggle with my niece and nephew. We watched movies and our current favorite is Inside Out. Such a cute movie! If you haven’t seen it then you’d better get to a movie theatre. We stayed here in VA Beach for about 5 days. It’s time to go home. Ill miss my family.