Vacation South Carolina

Hey guys! So let me just start off with “Woahhh! Well that was a start to vacation!” So, my husband decided to take his 2 weeks off from work and well, our son was going to fly to South Carolina to see his best friend Mack. We decided to drive him there! Yes! 18 hours later we arrive and its beautiful and sunny and did I say hot?? Gorgeously hot! And the humidity was awesome! We had a great time hanging out with old friends and  swimming in the warm Atlantic Ocean. We crab fished and shark fished. We collected shells. We had picnics. We drove with the top down on Nicole’s BMW. We got sand in our cracks. We watched fire works. We drank some fruity drinks. We went out to eat. We laughed so much. We played a game called Beanboozeled. It was gross. We got caught in a thunder shower…it was okay because it only lasted like 10 mins. We walked on the beach at night and watched the stars..and left the kids at home. We slept in 10 in the morning once. I saw my first alligator. We got lost for a few minutes and it was fun.  We ate fresh watermelon and fresh peaches…they were omg amazing! I love food! Nicole and I helped Gwyn(my 8 year old) with her fairy house. We went to the beach to collect shells just for that! We found a sand dollar and many other shells. We brought back sea grass I think? And Gwyn made a fairy swing and glued shells on the drift wood. It was pretty with all of the glitter she added. Nicole and I would catch up in the evenings drinking our Chaga tea(to our health we’d say) drink up 😉  She has studied the teas and she enjoys the chaga along with its health benefits.  We’d wake up in the morning and have our coffee out on the deck…steaming in the morning sun. We didn’t care. Our coffee soon had us running for our next adventure. My son Niles caught a black tip shark fishing. Dad told him to throw it back and as he did and it was flying through the air, Nicole was yelling “Noooooo! That was going to be our dinner!” Too late it was gone. I did get some pics of it though, about 3 feet long and trying to bite us. Uggh! South Carolina is beautiful and hot and sunny. It’s a great place to visit but more importantly I think it would be a great place to live and visit Maine instead. We all loved it there! We stayed there in South Carolina for about a week and next stop is Virginia Beach, Virginia! Off to visit my sister- Rita. 🙂