School is out for summer!!

School is out for summer! I’ve been waiting to have my babies all back to myself. School is great and all but it just gets hard to only have them on weekends! I miss them until they start fighting and arguing lol. But seriously, summer is when we go camping and exploring and go on mini trips to the beach or to Fun Town. We have so much to do and it feels like so little time. So I try to make a schedule, I know, I know they have a schedule all year long but it does kind of keep us organized and we don’t forget to do anything this way. We have weekend trips we do because that’s when Daddy is home and and then some stuff we can do during the week. We can play kickball and eat watermelon during the week. Getting the outside chores done during the week is also a must so we can be free on the weekends. We also do most of our baking and cooking during the week so our weekend adventures are easier to do. We like to hike on the Appalachian Trail and check out Pleasant Pond Mountain. We like to find night crawlers and go fishing. We like to go camping and check out new places. Tubing is wake boarding is a must for my son. We love to paint oil paintings and just be together. It seems school life is just so fast paced that we just seem to miss each other. It’s nice to chill over a lemonade and reconnect.


And then its time for school shopping all over again…the dreaded chore. Haha! My kids even don’t like it. Not that I can blame them, the tedious work of trying things on and showing mom and then trying something else on. I find that the best deals are after labor day. This is what we do. We buy shorts to start school with, and I know its more costly in the long run but they can wear them again in the spring. We just buy them a little bigger. We buy flip flops too because they too are on sale! And then they wear them again next spring! Have you ever noticed the best sales are after Labor Day? That is when we find the best deals and we buy our jeans and sweatshirts. We also find lots t’s as well. I love spring sales too because that’s when you’ll find really nice winter jackets forĀ  50% off!!