Bachelor Party

Well guys…we have found an awesome limo company to use! My brother wanted me to tell you all about his experience and I’ll do my best to let you all know. The limo company he used for his buddy’s bachelor party was great! They picked him and his buddies up on time of course, at his house. They went out to Hollywood Slots Casino in Bangor, Maine.  So the ride there is like 2 hours long, so yeah, they got started on their beers. The limo was absolutely gorgeous. He called it a ” sweet ride”  It had the blue and purple lights going around the mirrored ceiling. And yes the guys, wait this is supposed to be secret, they made their silly faces in the mirror….why do grown men have to make silly faces any time they see a mirror? My brother was like, “what kind of questions are these?”  I had to know. But anyways it had nice black plush leather wrap around seating, great choice in tunes, I guess my brothers choice was great, and they a cooler built in full of their choice of beer. They had games, slingshot type games for the guys to play on the way there. Nothing seriously dangerous, all plastic of course. Wouldn’t want them getting hurt. They had a wonderful time in the stretch limo and they arrived for the casino promptly. They stayed there for 5 hours, gambled, lost all of their money, except the groom of course. He won $200.00 which in reality he only lost $150.00 because he started with $350. My brother said it was the most fun they have had in a long time. The limousine picked them up at midnight and safely drove them home. Nobody crashed out on the ride home…they rocked on. Great times my brother said. Great times and it was all safe. He says it was totally stress free because they could all party and not worry about getting home safely. Another great memory of the 10 guys hanging out together. And he says he’s going to be looking the “limo guys” up again real soon. The best times! So for any of you looking for a great limo service, these guys are the ones. They go above and beyond and they will even help you load your passengers if needed. Haha! Whatever that means 😉